Editorial Board 2017-2018


Managing Editor

James Dunnigan









James Dunnigan is completing his MA in English at McGill University studying the reception of Virgil in the poetry of Ezra Pound. In 2014 he was one of two winners for CBC’s Quebec Writing Competition with the story “Open Bayˮ. His poetry and short fiction have previously appeared in Maisonneuve Magazine, The Veg, The Montréal Review.








Poetry Editors

g.d. currie and Mike Jaeggle









g.d. currie is a PhD student in McGill University’s English department. His current research seeks to re-evaluate the work of the Nationalist poets within an ecocritical discourse. He buried his heart under a Scarborough overpass and won’t shut up about it.

















Mike Jaeggle is from unceded Musqueam, Squamish, and Tsleil-Waututh territory (Vancouver). His poetry and fiction has appeared in literary magazines across Canada. As poetry editor, Mike hopes to read well-crafted poetry that strikes a balance between novelty and tradition. 












Fiction Editors

Fionn Adamian and Lilika Kukiela









Fionn Adamian studies History and Russian, and is especially interested in the philosophy of language. When not staring vacantly at Russian vocabulary, he enjoys reading Virginia Woolf and Julio Cortázar. He would love to hear about what you’re reading! Unless it’s Deleuze. Please not Deleuze.
















Lilika Kukiela is an MA student at McGill University in the English Department. In addition to archiving McGill’s literary history, she also works on Henry James’s short stories with a particular focus on hauntings and performance theory.












Visual and Design Editor

Rafael Finn










Rafael Finn is a designer, visual artist, graduate student and musician based in Montréal, Canada.












Promotions Editors

Nina Chabel and Leah Smith


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Nina Chabel is an Art History and English literature undergraduate student at McGill University. Her literary interests lie in modernist poetry, translation, and Japanese literature. She is also interested in photography and the way audiences engage with art in museums and galleries, with a soft spot for 80s pop culture and old dreamy Swedish films.

















Leah Smith is a U3 undergraduate in Sociology and Philosophy. Her love for art and literature is what brought her to Scrivener. Some of her favourite things include second-hand books, collaging with roses, and going to art galleries.