Editorial Board


g.d. currie – scrivener.creative.review@gmail.com

g.d. currie wants you to send him your best poetry, prose and art. If that’s too personal he will settle for your hopes and dreams.

Administrative Editor

 Patrick Outhwaite – finance.scrivener@gmail.com

Patrick Outhwaite is the soulless calculator of the Scrivener team. All of these creative types need someone firmly based in the world of numbers, $$$ and cents (50, to be exact).

Managing Editor

Zoe Shaw: mgmt.scrivener@gmail.com

Zoe Shaw is an MA student in English Literature at McGill. She knows a lot of fun facts about the later Romantic poets, enjoys reading to her dog, and has a large tea collection (larger than you think).

Poetry Editors


Jennifer Mancini

After a decade seamlessly (and simultaneously) employed as a model, event coordinator, brand marketer, wedding dress consultant, and tea entrepreneur, Jennifer is now retired, working in adult education as an academic advisor. She is also a contributor & editor for various fashion, literary, and arts & culture publications. She is married to her cat; her cat does not agree.

Nora Shaalan

Nora Shaalan is an MA student in English Literature at McGill University. Her research interests include 20th century American literature and the contemporary novel. (She has very mixed feelings about the HBO adaptation of My Brilliant Friend.)

Zoe Shaw

Zoe Shaw is an MA student in English Literature at McGill. She knows a lot of fun facts about the later Romantic poets, enjoys reading to her dog, and has a large tea collection (larger than you think).

Ashley Thorup

Ashley Thorup is an MA student at McGill University in the English Department. While she holds a strong affinity for Beat Generation literature, her current research considers authorial voice and reconstructions of history in the poetry of George Elliott Clarke.

Nonfiction Editors


Fionn Adamian

Fionn Adamian teaches introductory English and fixes the odd stovetop for a living.

Alexandra Trnka

Alexandra Trnka is an MA student at McGill in the English Department. She likes hosting dinner parties, reading good books, and watching bad movies. She is from Newfoundland and misses the ocean.

Fiction Editors


Michelle Hahn-Baker

Michelle Hahn-Baker is an undergraduate student at McGill University in Honours English Literature and Communications. She spends her time reading literature of all kinds, but has a special love for graphic novels, contemporary novels, and nonfiction related to social issues. Her favourite animals are dogs (all kinds) and dinosaurs (Brachiosaurus).

Lilika Kukiela

Lilika Kukiela is a graduate student at McGill University. She is a mixed-race Japanese-Polish, first-generation Canadian. When she’s not thinking about ideas of home, homelessness and homesickness, she is moving within her multiple hyphenated subjectivities. She is most at home within these hyphens. 

Olivia Ramos

Olivia Ramos studies English Literature and Anthropology at McGill University. In her spare time, Olivia enjoys drinking coffee, playing hockey, reading John Steinbeck. and most of all, talking about these things. The last book she read was The Awakening, by Kate Chopin.

Emily Szpiro

Emily Szpiro is an English MA student at McGill University. Her interests pertain to modernist literature, female artistry, and space, and her current work focuses on H.D.’s engagement with nature in her prose. In her spare time she loves to pet cats, write, and read in cute cafés (even better if they have cats).

Visual Art Editors


Nina Chabelnik

Nina Chabelnik is an undergraduate student at McGill University studying art history and English literature. She’s interested in photography and museum architecture, with a soft spot for 80s pop culture and old dreamy Swedish films.

Sophia Jackson

Sophia Jackson is a Philosophy undergraduate student at McGill University. She has a love for creative nonfiction, photography, and art by people who never went to arts school. Don’t read too much into it, I promise it’s not that deep.

Promotions Editors


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Leehu Sigler

Leehu Sigler is an MA student in the Department of English at McGill University. His current research explores the poetics of elegies written for other poets in Early Modern England. Loves Milton, scarves, and whiskey.

Leah Smith

Leah Smith is a U3 undergraduate in Sociology and Philosophy. Her love for art and literature is what brought her to Scrivener. Some of her favourite things include second-hand books, collaging with roses, and going to art galleries.


Mihai Patrascu webmaster.scrivener@gmail.com

When he’s not busy writing quantum mechanics software for his day job, Mihai likes to pet all the dogs on his way to work. Apart from that, he likes watching football and reading comic books.