Scrivener is now open to pitches for its revived nonfiction section. We are looking for writing on contemporary literature, specifically pieces that illuminate their subject while standing in their own right as a work of art. Though we prefer pitches that focus on an artist with ties to Canada, you’ve otherwise total freedom of style, subject, and method.

Unlike other Scrivener departments, Nonfiction is not looking for submissions of complete Nonfiction works. Please submit a short, 300-500 word pitch in .doc or PDF format (the form will not accept .docx), along with a short writing sample. The pitch may be for an as yet unwritten work, or for an unpublished piece you have already completed.

Scrivener is presently unable to pay its writers, a pain that’s especially acute when we commission a piece. We guarantee, however, that if your pitch is selected, the editorial team will work diligently to help you achieve your vision. As with other Scrivener departments, copyright remains with the author.
Submissions that do not follow these guidelines will not be considered. 

Maximum file size limit to upload is 12MB / file.