Call for Submissions

We are currently accepting submissions for this year’s Spotlight edition, featuring The Word Bookstore

The Word has been feeding your reading addiction since 1975. It may be smaller than your first apartment, but it still hosts better parties. Whether you were there on opening day or just discovered it last semester, we want to hear from you. An ideal submission will celebrate some aspect of The Word: its mission, vision, or the vibrant community it has fostered for decades.   

All work should be original to the contributor. We will consider previously published works provided the contributor holds all the necessary copyrights and provides us with the bibliographic information required to track down the original publication. We cannot accept simultaneous submissions for this issue.    

Submit your work to by July 31st. The subject line of your submission should include the category or categories under which your work falls.

Please send us your best:

Essays – Up to two essays, each no longer than 2500 words. Each essay should be submitted in a separate document (.doc). We welcome nonfiction work of all kinds, from rigorous academic essays to personal anecdotes. We only ask that your prose be carefully crafted and your editing thorough.

Due to the investment of labour an essay represents, both for the contributor and the editorial board, it is advisable to submit a proposal well in advance of the deadline. Proposals should function simultaneously as a thorough outline of your essay’s argument and content, as well as a sample of your writing in general.

Poetry – Up to five poems in one document (.doc or .pdf), with each poem beginning on its own page. Scrivener places no constraint on the form, style, or length of a given poem.

Visual Art– Up to six photos/art pieces submitted in a single PDF. High resolution files will be requested at a later date, should your work be selected for inclusion in this issue.

Our pages are six by nine inches and we prefer to publish visual art as single-image, full-page bleeds. Occasionally we will publish two landscape-oriented images on the same page. Art submissions should be at 300 dpi resolution when formatted this way. We reserve the right to retract an offer of publication should the high resolution files fall below this resolution.